About Baasit Atelier

Baasit Atelier is an Australian owned and designed clothing brand that takes complete form of simplicity. Our garments are designed to provide comfort, style and versatility. We aim to continue to evolve based on the world needs and seasonal changes.

‘Basit translates to simple in our heritage, simple, an adjective for plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much decoration or ornamentation.’

Baasit Atelier is constantly exploring and experimenting with new sustainable materials and technology.

As our brand expands, we aim to continue to main respect for the environment and community to reduce fashions carbon footprint.


Sustainability comes in all various forms. At Baasit Atelier, we aim to create limited seasonal essentials which does not result in over produced stock. As our brand grows, we will continue to look at all sustainable avenues to ensure we provide the best outcome for the environment. We believe that creating a sustainable brand, impacts the environment positively, but we also believe that we can do better for people in the world.

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Minimal Jogger

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Base Jogger

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